Tea Bag Packing Machine

Automatic quantitative triangle tea bag packaging machine Performance characteristics: 1, through the ultrasonic sealing and cutting, to produce a bag-shaped appearance and a solid three-dimensional sealed tea bag; 2, automatic quantitative measurement method can easily change the amount of...


SP-11 tea bag packing machine


The whole process of bag making, metering, filling, sealing, slitting, counting and packaging can be automatically and continuously completed. The finished product is with string and tag.


Application scope:

It is used in brewing bag packaging for all kinds of granular tea (including broken tea), coffee (not powder), Chinese herbal medicine (granules, etc.), ginseng extract, etc.


Technical Parameters:


Packaging material:Heat sealable filter paper

Machine material and material contact parts are stainless steel

Metering device Measuring cups (cups are mainly suitable for uniform small particles, such as Banlangen, etc.)

Packing speed:30-45 bags/minute

Packing capacity: 1-4g/bag (specifically based on the material, because different proportions of different materials are different)

Packing size:L50-90mm W47-80mm

Label size:20×20mm

Line length:160mm

Packing form:Trilateral seal

Power supply:220V single phase 50/60Hz 1.5Kw




Vertical sealing heating tube:250W×2pcs

Horizontal sealing heating tube:250W×2pcs

Label heating ring:100W×2pcs

Total power:1.8kw

Overall dimensions:L1100×W1000×H1900mm

Total weight:400kg


Applicable packaging materials:

1. Filter paper: heat-sealing tea filter paper, can choose the thickness of the filter paper with the thickness of the material, up to 23gsm, minimum 16.5gsm;

2. Tea bag cotton line: pure cotton thread, the main specification is 21s/4;

3. Label paper: generally 70 grams, can be thickened or thinned according to customer requirements, can be printed according to customer design draft;


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