SP-15 Inner And Outer Pyramid Bag Packing Machine

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SP-15 inner and outer pyramid bag packing machine


Cost effective: Number of operators: 1 person, total output 2400 bags/hour, 20,000 bags 8 hours a day. Traditional hand-made 3~5g low-dose tape labels are inconvenient for packaging outer bags. The inside and outside bags of the triangle bag are equipped with a tape type. The equipment can fully realize your packaging, make your packaging more perfect, and it is more convenient to manage. it is good.

Application scope:

Green tea, black tea, Huaguo tea, coffee, bar-shaped tea, health tea, Babao tea, herbal tea and other raw tea small granular, short strips of material quantitative packaging.

Performance characteristics:

1. Triangular three-dimensional tea bags with outer packaging can be manufactured;

2. It can switch production between triangular three-dimensional tea bags and four corners tea bags;

3, ultrasonic seal cut off to make the seal more solid and beautiful;

4, ultrasonic pressure adjustment does not need to shut down, according to the degree of sealing cut off with the appropriate adjustment;

5, touch screen operation, easy and convenient;

6, 3,600 bags / hour of high-efficiency production capacity, effectively improve production efficiency and reduce production costs;

7. Professionally produced labelled nylon filters and corn fiber teabag materials;

8, horizontal paper feeding mechanism, so that the outer bag size is smaller, more beautiful bag type, with the triangular tea bag packaging host to complete the inside and outside the bag one-time forming tea bag products;

9, configure automatic tea quantitative claims can produce more accurate triangular tea bags;

10, inflatable filling outer packaging can make products long-term preservation.

Technical specifications:

Measuring range: 2-10 grams

Measurement accuracy: ±0.15g

Measurement method: sliding volumetric measurement or tea quantitative measurement

Packing speed: up to 35-55 bags/minute

Packing: Inner packaging: ultrasonic sealing method three-side sealing

Outer Packing: Three-side sealable heat sealable composite material

Packaging material: Inner packaging: Ultrasonic sealing material such as nylon mesh, non-woven fabric, corn fiber, etc.

Outer Packing: Heat sealable composite

Tea bag size: Triangle bag: 40 - 70 (mm) (side length)

Four-cornered bag: 50-80 40-80 (mm)

Outer packing: 80-100 95-115(mm)

Electric power: 3.0KW (220V)

Air source pressure: ≥0.6Mpa (Air supply is provided by the customer)

Equipment size: L 1900 * W 800 * H 2500 (mm)

Equipment weight: about 1100KG

Optional device:

4 tea quantification, 6 tea quantification, 120 molding machine, 140 molding machine, 160 molding machine, date coding machine, nitrogen filling device for packaging.

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