Weighing Secondary Feed Powder Filling Machine

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Weighing secondary feed powder filling machine


product manual:

The equipment is based on the needs of market development, combined with the practice of re-development of the design, in line with national GMP standards. The machine incorporates the latest technology concept of European packaging technology, and the design is more reasonable, simpler and more robust. Automatically complete feeding, metering, filling, etc., suitable for filling powdered granular materials, such as milk powder, monosodium glutamate, solid beverages, grape mash, rice flour and so on.



• The modular design of the program, PLC control system, human-machine interface, and working methods are clear at a glance. All parameters can be added to the program module and used afterwards.

• Use cans or bottle containers, configure automatic feeding system, can achieve no bottle, lack of bottle cans.

• Each tank must be inspected, not to miss each bottle filled with unqualified products, a unique secondary filling design, irrigation cycle system, to ensure that the product pass rate of 100%.

• Using specific gravity feedback tracking and high-speed reaction clutch brakes to boost the spiral, greatly improving the packaging accuracy and packaging speed. The whole structure is simple, the layout is reasonable, and the replacement of packaging varieties is quick, and cleaning hygiene is extremely convenient.

• The machine is stable and durable with low failure rate.


Technical Parameters:

1.Measuring method: After the weighing, it is supplemented by spiral filling.

2. Container size: cylindrical container φ50-180mm high 50-350mm

3. Package weight: 10-5000g (change screw attachment)

4 packaging accuracy: packaging weight ≤ 500g deviation ≤ ± 1.5g

Package weight 100-1000g deviation ≤±2.5g

Package weight> 1000g deviation ≤ ± 4g

5. Packing speed: 25-55 cans/min

6. Power supply: three-phase 380V 50-60Hz can be customized according to requirements

7. Whole power: 3.5Kw

8. Air pressure: 6-8Kg/Cm2

9. Air consumption: 0.2m3/min

10. Overall weight: 800Kg

11. The whole volume: 3330×1200×2930mm

12. Container volume: 50L pre-charged, supplemented with 10L.


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