Pneumatic Bag Back Sealing (powder Particles) Packaging Machine

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Pneumatic bag back sealing (powder particles) packaging machine

Section 1: General Features

1. It is suitable for loose, non-adhesive, flour powder with 120 mesh or less, and granular material below 120 mesh in food, medicine and chemical products.

2, the perfect packaging appearance - a unique, advanced, mature technology guarantee;

3, let the customer's products in a short period of time get a perfect package of fast, accurate, and hygienic;

4, 7-inch Kunlun color touch screen, Mitsubishi PLC control system design to meet your special requirements.

Section II: Product Picture

Machine Picture (Figure 1) Sample Bag Picture (Figure 2) Sample Bag Picture (Figure 3)


Section III: Packaging Bags

Such as (Figure 2 and Figure 3)


Width of packaging bag: It is based on the width of the packaging film to replace the shaper

The length of the bag: it is set numerically in the operation interface (or the length of the tracking bag)

Section IV: Equipment Name

QC-80B Pneumatic Bag Back Sealing (Powder Particles) Packing Machine

Section V: Technical Parameters

Chassis material: stainless steel;

Outer parts: stainless steel and nickel plated parts;

Display screen: 7-inch color touch screen;

Control system: Japan's Mitsubishi PLC control system;

Metering method: The powder is measured with a screw, and the particles are measured with two cups;

Packaging materials: OPP/CPP, CPP/PE and other heat-sealable composites (≤320);

Packaging products: According to the provided physical implementation;

Packing capacity: 1-50ml;

Packing speed: 20-40 bags/minute (characteristics and fluidity of the test material);

Blanking method: Natural blanking plus vibration percussion (PLC control);

Shaper: Elephant nose forming bag maker, width made on request;

Bag size: Bag length: 40-160mm Bag width: 20-100mm;

Sealing form: Plain seal (ie back seal);

Horizontal sealing width: 5-10mm optional;

Vertical sealing width: 5-10mm optional;

Heat sealer: Optional texture or ruled

Cut-off method: pattern knife or flat knife cut, rounded oblique mouth type, with easy to tear triangle (cold cut off form);

Tracking mode: electric eye tracking or CNC control bag length;

Exhaust method: sponge extrusion exhaust (powder can not be exhausted);

Air source pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa;

Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz;

Power: 1.3KW;

Print code: ink wheel or ribbon print production date, production number, etc.

Equipment size: length 750mm * width 800mm * height 1800mm

Section VI: Random Accessories

One tool box, one machine certificate, one product manual, one required shaper, one dual-purpose screwdriver, one 8-10 open-end wrench, one 12-14 open-end wrench, one 17-19 open-end wrench, and one A set of hex wrenches, a pair of scissors and 10 insurance tubes.

Coder Coder effect Finisher conveyor

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