Chinese Medicine Decoction Pieces Weighing Packaging Machine

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Chinese medicine decoction pieces weighing packaging machine


[Chinese herbal medicine packaging machine summary]

With the increase of medical consumption demand, the market of Chinese Herbal Pieces has developed rapidly. However, problems such as inconsistent usage of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, non-standard packaging, and low scientific and technological content have seriously hampered the clinical curative effect of Chinese medicine.


[improvement method of traditional Chinese medicine decoction packaging machine]

1, choose modern new packaging materials. The packaging materials of TCM decoction pieces must be compatible with the nature of TCM decoction pieces and meet the hygiene requirements to prevent secondary pollution. Meanwhile, TCM decoction pieces are beneficial to the management, transportation and storage of drugs, and the manipulation and clinical application of pharmacies. Based on the above requirements, the selection of packaging materials for TCM decoction pieces can fully refer to the packaging methods of chemical drugs and select pharmaceutical PVC and aluminum foil. Because the current level of science and technology, the quality of medical PVC packaging materials has been fairly stable and mature, can guarantee the stability of chemical drugs in a certain period of time, for the more stable nature of the Chinese Herbal Pieces should be feasible. In the packaging materials, Chinese medicines can also be printed on the product name, trademarks, production companies, specifications, function indications, precautions, product lot number, expiration date, approval number and other drug information.

2. To improve the packaging quality of Chinese Herbal Pieces, it is necessary to upgrade the hardware facilities of the decoction processing industry. At present, the state must increase support for the traditional Chinese medicine processing industry, promote technological advancement of enterprises, and promote industrial upgrading as soon as possible. In recent years, the prices of Chinese herbal medicines continue to soar, but also exposed the problems existing in the logistics chain of the Chinese medicine industry. The state shall issue corresponding supporting policies for the main producing areas of traditional Chinese medicines and establish a special logistics system for traditional Chinese medicine so as to control the intermediate links and avoid unreasonable price increases.

3, improve the processing and packaging methods. In the production process, after the traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces are sterilized by batch selection, processing, and drying, the decoction pieces in the decoction packaging plant (must be a clean area or a sterile area) are subjected to mechanized pipeline production according to different dose specifications. package. Different specifications use different colors of packaging materials, the same specifications and the same kind of pieces of packaging and then packaged into the middle, and then packing inspection after passing the factory. Packing a batch of a variety of batches to clear the field can effectively avoid the confusion between the different pieces and contamination of impurities.


[Main features of Chinese Herbal Piece Packing Machine]

It can automatically complete weighing, blanking, bag making, sealing, cutting, filling, and printing date. High measurement accuracy, high efficiency, no scrap. High-precision digital sensors enable accurate metering moments. The amplitude of each line in the operation can be adjusted independently so that the material can be evenly fed and the measurement accuracy can be improved.




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