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Why Should The Coffee Bag Be Fitted With Exhaust Valve
Apr 27, 2017

Coffee beans freshly baked will release carbon dioxide, if placed in sealed packaging bags, will affect the quality of coffee, the impact of coffee taste, so generally installed a exhaust valve, releasing the gas discharged, to ensure the quality of coffee

A one-way exhaust valve is encapsulated in a coffee bag and a hole in the surface of the bag where the check valve is encapsulated, and the carbon dioxide from the roasting coffee beans will be discharged out of the bag automatically. One-way exhaust valve and other products difference is that one-way exhaust valve has a filter can isolate the effect of the powder material on the exhaust valve at the same time have to let the bag inside the gas discharged to the same time not to let the packaging solids (including dust) out, and ensure that the outside air can not enter the bag. The effective guarantee of the coffee beans drying and mellow flavor, also will not because the accumulation of carbon dioxide to the bag to rise, prevent the internal packaging from oxidation pollution deterioration. Mainly used in packaging bags storage bags, fresh bags, coffee bags, such as the need to give a one-way gas soft packaging.