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What Is The Requirement Of The Desiccant Packing Material?
Apr 27, 2017

How to choose the desiccant packaging material is also fastidious, the so-called desiccant is used in moisture-proof, mildew-drying effect, however, desiccant packaging materials have three aspects.

1, breathable: desiccant Packaging has the permeability of performance is its effectiveness, the most important performance, the use of bad breathable packaging materials desiccant will have a slow moisture absorption, which affects the desiccant control humidity.

2. Safety: The safety of packaging materials is mainly embodied in its own strength, dust-proof performance and sealing strength. In the application of desiccant, the role of packaging materials is to ensure that the absorbent and need moisture-proof products as far as possible, due to the defects of packaging materials caused by the leakage of drying adsorbent may affect product quality.

Third, economic: on the basis of safe and effective, the choice of a suitable for their own products of desiccant packaging materials is very important, so this requires us in the process of selecting products, for the safety and effectiveness of the demand, combined with price factors, from which to choose their own desiccant products, to discover the best product cost-effective. We can easily do this by comparing.