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Technical Features
Apr 27, 2017

1. The bag-type automatic packing machine replaces the manual packing, realizes the packing automation for large enterprises, small and medium scale enterprise, enhances the production efficiency of all walks of life, reduces the cost substantially.

2. The machine has a wide range of packaging, packaging liquid, paste, powder, granules, solids, all kinds of materials, just according to different materials selection of different metering filling device can be.

3. Packaging bags are widely adapted to the application of prefabricated bags and paper bags made of multilayer composite films.

4. Quickly replace the packaging bag specifications, the width of the automatic bag device can be adjusted easily and quickly adjust handles.

5. Conform to the hygienic standard of food processing machinery, the parts of the machine and the material or the packaging bag contact with the stainless steel or other materials in accordance with the food hygiene requirements processing, to ensure food hygiene and safety.

6. The Machine standard test device, can detect the machine in the absence of packaging or packaging bags without opening the filling device to make the filling, heat sealing device does not seal, so as to avoid wasting the package material and raw material.

7. The material loss is low, the machine uses the precast good packing bag, the packing bag pattern is perfect, the sealing quality is good, thus enhances the product grade.

8. Frequency conversion speed regulation, the machine uses the frequency conversion speed regulating device, the production can according to the actual need in a certain range to adjust freely.

9. Easy to operate, the use of Advanced PLC plus POD (touch screen) electrical control system, user-friendly, easy to operate.

10. The packing machine automatically completes the bag, the sending line, the label, the dose, the filling, the sealing, the slitting, the counting.