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Tea Bag Filter Paper
Apr 27, 2017


Tea Bag Filter paper (teabagpaper) is a kind of low quantitative special wrapping paper, for the packaging of tea bags, requiring uniform fibrous tissue, no crease wrinkles, no odor, with a larger wet strength and a certain filtration speed, water-resistant foam, and should adapt to the packaging of tea bag automatic packaging machine dry strength and elasticity.


The non-thermal sealing type is usually made of whole wood pulp, and the Pulp and Manila hemp pulp are used in mixing. Heat sealing paper contains low melting point fibers such as polypropylene fibers, es fibers, etc.

Tea Bag filter paper abroad more than Manila hemp production. In China, the mulberry fiber is made by high-free-form beating after the resin treatment, and also can be used synthetic fibers (i.e. wet non-woven fabrics).

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