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PLA Fabric Corn Fiber Filter Trangle Tea Bags Pyramid Empty with String and Tag
Jul 28, 2017

Basic Info

Product Description

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PLA material/PLA Mesh consists of 100% natural fiber,so when it is buried under the ground,it can become bio-degradable within one year.
1.PLA (Polylactic acid):
PLA fiber made of maize starch
2.Advantages of PLA
It can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water when it is discarded into earth or water.
3.Characteristics of PLA
1)Non-petroleum-based synthetic fabric
2)Physical properties and processability equivalent to existing synthetic fabrics
3)It can be recycled naturally and dose not emit pollutants.
4)Silky exterior and smooth touch
4.Use of PLA
1)Hygiene and medical treatment:diapers,sanitary pads,stitching fiber,gauze,etc.
2)Industrial materials:packing materials,etc.
4)Kitchen goods:disposable dishes,food packaging materials,etc.
5.Necessities of PLA
As'environmental campaigns' have actively spread across the word,European countries have imposed a tax on non-PLA packing materials or have made the use of PLA packing materials compulsory.

Advantages of pyramid tea bags
1.A transparent 3D pyramid shape
2.Contents(petals,greens and fruit) can be distinguished from each other accurately and the appearance looks luxurious.
3.Deeper and richer taste and aroma than existing tea bags,which is produced by forcing water well through the tea bag.
4.It can be brewed in cold as well as hot water.
5.Damage-proof mesh packing materials with great durability and no wasted tea leaves.
6.Its eco-friendly material can be applied to variety of well-being teas.

Model NO.MaterialSealingThicknessWeight(/gm2)
PLA MeshBiodegradable PLA MeshUltrasonic    90     -
PLA NWBiodegradable PLA NWUltrasonic    -   10-35


Product Description

The shape of a triangle tea bag, more space, can make better stretch tea in the water, so as to obtain a better taste. PLA corn fiber filter is a kind of burgeoning \healthy and  environment production material.you can better show the shape of tea to consumers, high-end, the atmosphere, on the grade! It is a wise choice for middle and high tea trader.
Product Featurehigh transparency,pyramid type,triangle shape
Product Specification/Models140mm;160mm
Tea packaging,Chinese herbal packaging, condiment packaging, etc.
Other Information

Although the triangle tea bag is a new industry, but our company has been open market for two years in China, get good reviews, so we believe that the market is very broad, and we are good pushing behind the triangle tea bag market!