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5 Micron PP Nonwoven Meltblown Coffee Filter Paper for Tea Bag
Jul 29, 2017

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: custom

  • Usage: Air Filter, Environment Protection,Cabin Air Purification

  • Manufacturing Method: Non-Manufacturing Cloth

  • Trademark: Hedai

  • Specification: 56mm roll diameter

  • HS Code: 5603129000

  • Material: PP

  • Type: Non-woven Filter

  • Paper Type: Melt-Blown Non Woven

  • Transport Package: Roll Package

  • Origin: China

Product Description

 PP Melt-blown nonwovens, which is used as filtration media in the production of mini-pleat filters, ventilation filters, cabin air filters, vacuum cleaner filters and other household air cleaning filters, features more durable high efficiency filtration rate, lower resistance and anti-bacteria property. Our PP melt-blown air filtration material covers a wide range of efficiency grade, from F6 to F9 and H10-H12, for different standard of air filters.

Filtration Properties of main products

HD FilterTypeBasis Weight (gsm)Initial Resistance
Initial Efficiency
Air permeability
(L/m2/s)     @ 200 Pa
Air permeability
(L/m2/s)   @ 128 Pa
Initial Air Drop @ 944 L/s
VS-MB20-E75*M5, M6201075%107068040

Filter size: 594mm x 594 mm
Test Method: TSI 8130 @ 0.33um, 32L/Min, NaCl


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us.

Static Electret Charging Fabric
  We own serials of static electret charging technology, including customized formula with electret master batch, patented high voltage charging equipment with special designed charging panel. Thanks to the adoption of electret our PP melt-blown nonwovens can reach higher filtration efficiency under the case of not changing air flow resistance property. So the other performance parameter of filtration efficiency, penetration pressure, air resistance, ageing resistance can obviously get higher score than other like products.
Proudct Features
1. Structure with fine or ultra-fine fibre, bigger total surface area
2 .High filtration  efficiency and low resistance
3. Can filter harmful particles as well as bacteria in the air
4. More stable filtration efficiency and longer service life
5. High porosity and small pore size
6. Good chemical stability and wide temperature usage

  PP Melt-blown nonwoven is the most popular material as the high efficiency filter media in the application of air filtration, mainly used in the production of personal care products like masks and respirators; industrial air cleaning products like HEPA filter bags, as well as the medical instrument like masks used in hospital. At the same time, PP melt-blown nonwovens can be laminated with other kinds of nonwoven products to fit for wide range of air cleaning products like ventilation filters, cabin air filters, vacuum cleaner filters and other household air cleaning filters.

    We supply the various of types of nonwoven fabric used as the filter media in the field of air and liquid filtration. Our product categories include PP melt-blown nonwovens, PP spun-bonded nonwovens, PET fibre hot-rolling nonwovens, PET fibre spun-bonded nonwovens, PET filament thermos-bonded nonwovens, Needle punched nonwovens, Activated cabbon filter media, Ultrasonic composite nonwovens, etc.


1. We provide laboratory test result for each roll products for quality tracking.
2. We offer other accesories needed for respirators production
3. Test equipment for Meltblown filters
4. Technical solutions for filter production
5. We can customize filter media specification to reduce the material loss
6. We can arrange to ship the goods by various means of transportation, via air, sea, truck, rail or combined