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Qualitative Analysis filter paper
Apr 27, 2017

Qualitative Analysis filter paper, the general residue ash more, only for the general qualitative analysis and used for filtering precipitation or suspension of solution, can not be used for quality analyses. Qualitative analysis of the type and specification of filter paper and quantitative analysis of the same basic, express fast, medium-speed and slow, but printed fast, medium speed, slow words. However, in the case of filter paper, the use of quantitative and qualitative analysis of filter precipitation should be noted:

1.general use of natural filtration, the use of filter paper body and the ability to retain solid particles, so that liquid and solid separation;

2.As the mechanical strength and toughness of the filter paper are small, as far as possible use of filtration method, if the filtration speed must be accelerated, to prevent filtering and result in failure to filter, in the pump filtration, can be based on the size of the suction hopper in the stack of 2-3 layer filter paper, in the vacuum filter, the hopper first cushion a dense filter cloth, the above filter paper filters;

3.filter paper preferably do not heat concentrated sulfuric acid or nitric acid solution;