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Primary Color 6 Round Coffee Filter Paper
Jul 18, 2017

Product Description


Dia. 60mm Primary Color 6 Coffee Filter Paper,
Round Coffee pad,

Special for

Electric Moka coffee set, made of import paper

The Filter paper selection must match the size of the bowl,

When confirm the dimensions combined with the filter bowl, then purchase it.

Note: 40PCS/bag

Filter paper for 3# Moka coffee pot: Dia. 58mm

Filter paper for 6# Moka coffee pot: Dia. 60mm

Filter paper for 9# Moka coffee pot: Dia. 68mm

Beside 6 coffee filter paper, We also can offer 3 or 9 filter paper.

Using ways:

1. Put the filter paper on the Coffee filter, close the up pot, tightly screw;

2. Or wet out the paper, stick onto the up pot, and then close the up and under pot