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High precision oil-water separation fuel Compound filter paper
Apr 27, 2017

In the process of combustion, the automobile engine produces harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides, non-methane hydrocarbon, particulate pollutants, and discharges into the atmosphere in the form of exhaust gases. Europe and the United States have developed relevant automotive emission standards, prompting automotive manufacturers to improve their products and reduce pollutants emissions.

China's automotive emission standards mainly reference European standards, emission standards are increasing, the emission requirements for particulate pollutants increased 82%. Engine technology can not meet the standard requirements, oil or filtration system is essential to upgrade. Fuel can not be absolutely pure, production and transport process will produce a small amount of impurities and moisture, especially domestic fuel. The solid impurities will cause wear and tear on the fuel system parts, and so on; the water in the fuel harms more, such as precision coupling half-friction, dissolved corrosive gases and salts, high temperature expansion caused the deformation of parts and other consequences.