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filter paper
Sep 08, 2017

Most of the filter paper consists of cotton fibers, according to different uses and the use of different methods of production. Because of its material is made of fiber, so its surface has numerous holes for liquid particles through, and the larger particles can not pass through. This property allows the mixing of liquid and solid substances to be mixed together.


Paper chromatography is based on filter paper as an inert support. Filter paper fiber and water have a strong affinity, can absorb about 22% of the water, and 6 to 7% of the water in the form of hydrogen bonds and cellulose hydroxyl combination, under the general conditions more difficult to take off, and filter paper fiber And the affinity of the organic solvent is very weak, so the general paper chromatography is actually a combination of filter paper fiber as a stationary phase, organic solvent as the mobile phase, when the mobile phase along the paper through the sample, the sample point of solute in the water and The organic phase is continuously distributed, and part of the sample moves with the mobile phase, into the non-solute zone, and then reallocated, part of the solute from the mobile phase into the stationary phase (water phase). As the mobile phase moves continuously, the various parts are continuously distributed according to their respective distribution coefficients and moved along the mobile phase, resulting in separation and purification of the material.

Filter Paper (Filter Paper) is a common chemical laboratory filter tool, the common shape is round, mostly made of cotton fiber.