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Filter Paper Properties
Apr 27, 2017

Choosing the appropriate filter paper can be decided by considering the following four factors.

Hardness: Filter paper will be wet when filtering, some long time filtration of experimental steps should consider the use of wet water after the tough filter paper.

Filtration efficiency: The density and size of porous holes in the filter paper affect its filtration efficiency. Efficient filter paper is fast and high resolution.

Capacity: When filtering the solid particles accumulated or blocking the holes in the filter paper, so the more dense the porous pores, the higher the capacity of the filter, allowing the more filtering of the more.

Applicability: Some filter paper is done with special production steps, such as in the test medicine used to determine the nitrogen content in the blood, must use no nitrogen filter paper.

Note that filter paper can not be filtered zinc chloride, otherwise the filter paper will be corroded by zinc chloride