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16.5GSM, 18GSM, 21GSM Heat Sealable Tea Bag Filter Paper
Jul 30, 2017

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Material: Wood Pulp

  • Color: White and Brown

  • Basic Weight: 16.5GSM - 28GSM

  • 16.5GSM-25GSM; 125mm, 130mm, 140mm etc.: $3.9/Kg-$4.1/Kg

A manufacturer of filter paper for tea bag, coffee pod and herbs.
Suitable for Nanfeng, IMA, ICA, Maisa, Rossi, Tecnomeccanica, etc. packing machines.

Product Description
Basis weight: 16.5gsm-25gsm
Width: customized 
Raw material: unbleached wood pulp + food grade PP fiber
High paper tensile strength and sealing strength
No leaking powder, no odor, not broken during usage. 

1. Suitable for Maisa, CAMA, Tecnomeccanica, IMA, ICA, Rossi, etc. packing machines.
2. Stable business relationship with Unilever (Lipton Tea), Sasini, etc.
Free samples are available.  Call me for more details including price.

Packaging & Shipping
Inner PVC bag, outer carton.
1-4 rolls in one carton (depending on the paper width)

Our Services
Free samples are available
Every raw paper roll coming out from paper machine is attached with a technical data sheet to control the paper quality
Quality control before slitting the paper for customs 
Timely follow up about the feedbacks from customers

Q1: Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we have been in providing professional solutions in packing for tea bag, coffee pod, herb, etc. over 12 years from 2002.
We have two factories, two types of producing systems with 5 producing lines in total.

Q2: What is your product range?
1. white tea bag filter paper, from 16.5gsm-25gsm
2. brown tea bag filter paper, from 16.5gsm-25gsm
3. white coffee filter paper, from 23gsm-28gsm
4. gift wrap filter paper, from 13gsm-21gsm
5. desiccant / activatedcarbon packing filter paper, from 28gsm-45gsm

Q3: What main packing machines does you paper is suitable for?
1. For tea bag
Italy IMA, Tecnomeccanica T2 and T10
Argentina Maisa packing machine
Chinese Luoyang DXD, YD packing machines
2. For coffee pod
Rossi, ICA, IMA

Q4: What is the normal packing pouch type?
1. Single chamber tea bag
Maisa, Tecnomeccanica T2
16.5gsm*125mm and 130mm width
2. Double chamber tea bag
IMA C51, IMA C2000, Tecnomeccanica T10
16.5gsm*87mm, 265mm width
3. Round and square coffee bag

Q5: What are the raw materials of your packing paper?
Wood pulp from Canada and PP fiber from China. Both are food grade type.
Manila ma (abaca pulp) can be used according to customer's requirements.
But it is not suggested because of the low cost performance.
Our packing paper can achieve high paper strength even without the manila ma pulp.

Q6: Do you provide free samples?
Yes, while the freight should be charged by customer.

Q7: When sample can be ready?
Wihtin 5 days after confirming the receipt of freight or getting the courier account

Q8: Do you inspect the finished product?
Yes, we have quality control in every producing steps, from pulping, forming, heat process, humidification, slitting, package.
Every raw paper roll is attached with a technical data sheet, including information:
basis weight; whiteness; dry tensile strength in MD and CD; wet tensile strength in MD; heat sealing trength; air permeability; thickness.

Q9: What is final moisture content for packing paper?
According to long experience and feedbacks from customers, 5%-8% is most suitable to get a good sealing condition.